SciGear Apps

SciGear knows all of your analytical data. And because it also knows maths and chemometrics, it can help you do your work.

It can be that simple.

Hard work made easy

Make complex workflows easy by using dedicated SciGear Apps for routine tasks. Measure spectra and apply spectrum processing, chemometrics, and analytical workflows to your data in SciGear.

Simple apps are easily created and even easier to use. Just select and click. In your browser, on your tablet, or on your smartphone.

Possible apps:

  • Material Verification in Pharmaceutical Production (APIs, Excipients)
  • Counterfeit Drug Detection
  • Waste Water monitoring
  • Food Analysis, e.g. Fat and Protein in Milk; Extra Virgin Olive Oil...

Want to learn more? Have an idea for an app? Talk to us!