The SciGear Cloud

SciGear - Scientific Information System puts spectroscopy into the cloud.

Install SciGear in your private cloud, or in our public one. Access all of your data from anywhere in real time. Control your (N)IR, UV/Vis, Raman, and other spectrometers and sensors. And rest assured that everything is safe and secure.
Almost like heaven!

Here's how:

SciGear's multi-tier architecture will install as you like, where you like:

  • standalone on a PC
  • on a single server
  • on distributed servers
  • in your data center
  • in your private cloud
  • in LabCognition's public cloud (SaaS)

All functionality is available via a web browser. Browse, work with, and manage all information from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Make complex workflows easy by using dedicated SciGear Apps for routine tasks.

SciGear's comprehensive security features will ensure that access to data is only granted to authorized users. Permission schemes and privilege grids control access on a more granular level.

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